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Exploring Nassau, Bahamas

March 25, 2017
Nassau, Bahamas is gorgeous weather wise year-round, unless there is a hurricane brewing in the ocean. While certain parts of this island are beautiful, there are many other parts that are rundown and horrible. The people who live on the island try their best to earn a living, but they rely on the tourists who arrive via cruise ship for the day or by plane and headed to one of the resorts.

By the boardwalk on the island is a large Straw Market, where all of the locals try to sell clothing, toys, and souvenirs. The workers are continuously calling out to people as they are trying to get people’s attention as well as their business. Negotiating prices is a given at these straw markets and tourists may find some good deals on occasion.

The main street near the port is filled with shops and a few restaurants. Most of the shops sell clothing and jewelry. Actually, Nassau is one of the best places in the world to purchase jewelry, because a person can buy a lot of quality pieces for very little money. Quite a few people take cruises down to Nassau at least once a year, so that they can pick up amazing pieces at a discounted price. The money they are saving on the jewelry more than pays for their mini vacation.

Many of the restaurants on the main street are filled with local cuisine, but there are also franchises of restaurants that are popular in the United States. The people who live on Nassau understand that people getting off of a cruise ship might be more tempted to eat at a McDonalds, KFC, or Dunkin Donuts, instead of a local restaurant, and the locals need the money.

There are multiple locals who are willing to drive people around the island and give them a little tour. These drivers take people into the outskirts of the island, where people can see that poverty is a real issue, as well as to the nicer parts, where money seems to be no problem. It can be amazing to see the differences.

One of the best places to see in Nassau is Atlantis. This is a resort and casino and is where many people stay when they fly onto the island. There are too many rooms and restaurants to count at the resort and guests are able to participate in multiple excursions opportunities that are on-site. One of the more popular excursions that is available at Atlantis is the Dolphin Encounter. Guests get to interact and swim with the dolphins while learning more about this magnificent animal.

Even though parts of Nassau are rundown, it is still a wonderful place to visit, whether for a day or a week. The people are friendly and they are always willing to show the tourists the areas where they should go and where they should stay away from. Although, the island is not any more dangerous that any other city or country in the world.